This means that just about anyone who does construction, repair, modification or demolition of any type of building will need a license. Unfortunately, Utah does not have reciprocity when it comes to licensing. However, Utah allows a license by approval. Not everyone needs to receive a deposit. You will likely need a bond if you answer YES to the financial responsibility questions in the licence application. Check with the Construction Services Commission to see if you need to pay a deposit. The bail amounts are as follows: According to the DOPL website, “while this list is not exclusive, Utah has found that some license classifications with Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada, and South Carolina substantially comply with Utah`s classification requirements.” There are 25 different Utah contractor license classifications, depending on the area of your future work. If you`ve ever tried to get your contractor`s license in Utah, you know it`s a complicated process. From pre-licensing courses to contractor auditing, there`s a lot to discover.

Unlike other states, acquiring your contractor`s license in Utah is a bit more complicated, so it`s important to know exactly what steps you need to take to get the license you need. I am a project manager who wants to become a general contractor who opens my own business. I need to know if there is an upper limit for the annual value of the order or if it is only by contract? I will divide all my work. I will be. In addition to the requirements, there are other components of the license application process that you need to be aware of. Let`s take a closer look at each of them. In addition to passing the PSI exam and submitting a complete contractor application package that is sent with the required fee, general contractors must also register their business with the Utah Department of Commerce`s Companies and Commercial Code Division. You must also provide proof of workers` compensation, liability insurance and applicable deposit. The definition then specifies that general contractors “also take over all elements of that construction, with the exception of sanitary facilities, electrical work, mechanical work, work related to the operational integrity of an elevator and manufactured residential complexes for which the general contractor uses the services of an approved contractor in the specialty concerned …”. The State of Utah defines a general contractor as “qualified by education, training, experience and knowledge to construct structures to support, house and lock up individuals, animals, movable property or movable property of any kind or […] Up to four units can perform the mechanical work and hire a licensed plumber or electrician as an employee.

Your contractor`s license is especially important in Utah for many reasons. The main reason is that it is a Class A offence not to have a contractor`s license in progress. In other words, if you work without a license, you are subject to fees and penalties. And no one wants it. Do you want to check the exact cost of your contractor`s licence bond? Fill out the short form below! You must pay any outstanding quotes or payments from the Residence Lien Fund before you can obtain a licence. If you have any of these items pending, you should take care of them before applying for your license. The state of Utah regulates 23 types of contractors, one of which, the construction instructor, lists five subtypes. Plumbers and electricians are also regulated by the state. See the Utah code (58-55-301) for a complete list of license classifications. Before submitting your licence application, verify that you meet all the requirements by completing the pre-application checklist.

In addition to requirements for business registration in Utah as well as DOPL licenses, there may be additional approval requirements set by local communities or governments below the state level. For more information, see Utah`s “One-Stop Online Business Registration Portal” below. There are only a handful of approved vendors to roll out Utah`s 25-hour contractor pre-licensing program. Here`s a link to these providers: At Simply Business, we insure contractors like you in the United States. We know how to get the right GL coverage from major insurers that meets Utah`s requirements and fits your budget. All in about 10 minutes. Make sure you get a quote so you`re sure you`re getting the best coverage at the best price. There are many types of licenses available for contractors in Utah, and they all go through the Department of Professional and Professional Licenses (DOPL). While one might think that all these licenses under one roof would make the licenses a breeze, it`s not that simple. To become a general contractor in Utah, you must apply for a license from DOPL. However, before applying for a license, you need to make sure that the following conditions are met: Phone: 801-352-8266 Email: [email protected] 9069 South 1300 West West Jordan, UT 84088 It would be a shame to lose thousands of dollars for something as stupid as not carrying the license required by the state. It would be a real travesty to lose your payments simply because you did not protect them and did not respect your right to the privilege of a mechanic.

And to do that, Utah entrepreneurs need to keep an eye on some specific deadlines. With Utah`s Licensee Search and Verification System, you can search for licenses and licensees by name and profession or by license number. According to Utah Code 58-55-501 et seq., people caught without a license are liable to a fine of up to $1,000. Second offences can cost up to $2,000. Any other issues can cost you up to $2,000 a day if you contract without a license. After fulfilling all the admission requirements, including passing the exam, you submit a complete license application. Essentially, anyone who wants to do repairs, constructions, modifications, or demolitions of any type of building in Utah will need a license. The Utah State Legislature defines a “general contractor” under the Utah Code (84-55-102) as a person “qualified by training, education, experience, and knowledge to perform or supervise the construction of structures to support, house, and enclose individuals, animals, movable property, or movable property of any kind… Many of Utah`s licensing requirements are confusing, but there`s one thing that`s clear: almost every construction-related business must have a state-issued license. According to the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act: If you have any other questions about obtaining a Utah Contractor License, including the process or requirements, leave a comment below! You can also find other items like this to start your business here and grow. Once you have all these requirements in your pocket, you can complete this application and send it to the DOPL for review. As you may have guessed from the scope of the types of licenses and strict guidelines, Utah takes its licensing requirements for contractors very seriously. Once the 25-hour pre-license course is complete, you can participate in the PSI exams.

The B-100 General Construction Contractor Exam: Another reason to get your contractor license in Utah is that it is ideal for business. Clients want to work with contractors they can trust – and who are qualified enough to meet the state`s licensing requirements. Simply put, if you operate a business related to the construction industry, you need a license. A license guarantee for Utah contractors is a mandatory part of the license application process if the applicant has filed for bankruptcy within the last three (3) years or if other unpaid privileges have not been paid. .