Rita Sue (Davis) Grage has been involved with some form of art since childhood. Currently, while she loves crafts, her main domain of art has been primitive type hangings. These hangings reflect her spirituality and connectivity to the world. Each hanging is based on a name. Each name has six totems; color, animal, mineral, earth element, astrological influence and plant. Each name has a personal meaning as well, i.e. Tender Nurturer. She spends approximately 8-12 hours of research time on each name as well as 40+ hours of time creating each hanging. They are truly a work of spirit and creativity.

Rita Sue is essentially self taught, although she has taken art classes; she gains her insight, craft, creativity through the world in which she lives. She loves to draw, sew, read and is interested in the use of herbs.  She believes that we are all connected to each other as well as connected to the entire world, the animals, plant life, earth, air and rocks.

She believes in the ‘goodness of man’ and that kindness is essential to survival.

Member: New Mexico Veterans’ Art
American Craft Council